TripAdvisor's Website

Revamping TripAdvisor's Website


TripAdvisor is a company that aims to be the one stop solution for travellers. However, it struggles with having too much content to present and its dual search interface is confusing for first time users.

Task: Improve Usability of Website, Propose Responsive Website Design, Increase User Engagement


Primary: How can we minimize the cognitive load of users who are on trip advisor to search for one item?

Secondary: Can we find out other opportunities travellers need that TripAdvisor can fulfil?


User Research and Analysis

-coming soon-

Paper Prototyping (Invision)

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Usability Testing

-coming soon-

Digital Prototyping (Axure)

-coming soon-


Presentation Slides

Final Thoughts

I was very excited to be able to get in touch with an employee from Trip Advisor during the project, who gave us insight into TripAdvisor’s goals as well as a tour of the office. It helped me understand why businesses don’t develop some user friendly features - because there are higher priority business goals. As user experience designers, it is crucial to focus on features that will help build the business first instead of just designing for users.

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