Bicycl App

Improving Content Strategy and Re-design of Bicycl App

  • Client: Bicycl Asia
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Team: 3 UX Designers


Bicycl is a startup that aims to build an international community of cyclists through a digital platform that allows cyclists to read, write, and share their cycling stories. However, user growth is slow, and they needed help to increase their number of users and engagement levels.

Task: To Improve User Onboarding and User Engagement Rate in app


Primary: With the many popular digital platforms for sharing stories and photos online such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, how can Bicycl capture their share of users?

Secondary: As Bicycl’s eventual aim is to be a profitable, how do we provide the foundation for a mobile marketplace?


User Research and Analysis

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We decided to narrow down Bicycl’s target audience from all cyclists to enthusiasts.

We improved their onboarding so that users can find more relevant content from the start, by selecting their favorite topics and following their friends.

We designed a new type of story which allowed users to post about their passion - bicycle, details about their bicycle, modification history, and tag trips to bicycles.

We allowed Bicycl to automatically share their post on social media, and automatically tagged it with relevant tags for easy search.

We made it easy for users to engage by adding like buttons on the article list.

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